Our pitching instructors offer an extraordinary level of expertise with a combined 16 years of professional baseball experience and many years at the college level.  Each one of our instructors/coaches can actually demonstrate at full game speed, the proper mechanics of pitching, but also can explain at  a very high level for any age and/or ability to understand.

Here’s just some of what our pitching instruction covers:

Pitching Mechanics. Our skills instruction covers the entire pitching process: windup, stretch, rock step, balance point, stride, power position, release point and follow-through. We teach fluid mechanics and help each pitcher become completely comfortable throughout his or her delivery. We take the flaws out of the traditional pitching motion while applying more force to home plate.

Pitching-Specific Drills. We offer a variety of drills to reinforce what’s being taught, including towel drills and crow-hop drills. We incorporate a full range of strength and flexibility training – ranging from the simplicity of surgical tubing that can be used at home, to advanced methods of pitching-specific weight training.

Types of Pitches. We show players – in detail – the proper mechanics for all types of pitches and the grips they require, including fastballs, change-ups, curveballs and sliders. We teach several pitches to each side of the plate and show students how to sequence their pitches. We also teach several types of deliveries, so that hitters see something different at each at-bat and cannot anticipate what pitch is coming. These skills are key to becoming a standout pitcher.

Arm Safety is Always Paramount. Arm safety is our top concern, and our focus is keeping our pitchers healthy for the long run. We emphasize the importance of proper form, tracking pitch count, and of resting the arm between sessions. Special care and consideration are given depending on the player’s age, skill level and experience.

At Rijo, we can work with any ballplayer, at any age or skill level, who desires to improve his or her pitching ability.


If the camp dates listed do not meet your needs, individual instruction if offered year-round.  Please call for pricing and available dates.