These camps are for the player who want to be better prepared for their All-Star Games. This is to be in addtion to your team training, not to replace it. We have a very specific program in place that will in no way over-extend the player but only help them excel in hitting and pitching.


Each hitter will be facing the best pitching that he has faced all year. So rather than focusing on just mechanics during these sessions, we will primarily be focusing on hitting breaking balls, situational hitting, mental approach, hitting faster and pitching. All of these will be conducted in combination with our professional instruction and our ProBatter video pitching simulator. There is a big reason why several major league teams are using the ProBatter and many big leaguers are putting them in their homes. There is no better training tool to better prepare you for your All-Star games than with the ProBatter and Rijo Athletics professional instruction.


Pitchers will learn to recognize hitters weaknesses, increase their pitching velocity and how to control the tempo of the game. Also, developing a unhittable change-up and be able to locate any pitch no matter what the count or situation. We will help create a mental toughness and have the best focus on the field. Disciplining the mind is the key to high success at a high level.

Camp Dates

Please call to inquire about All-Star training.

TEAMS: Please inquire about special small group discounts.

Call (425) 486-4878 or e-mail info@rijoathletics.comfor more information.