"Creating Winning Relationships Through Sports" by Jose Rijo-Berger

Millions of parents sign up their kids to play organized sports each year with the intent that the experience will be both positive and enriching, on and off the field, for their family. Too often, this ideal fails to materialize, much to the frustration of everyone. Based on experiences with thousands of families, José will show you the true value of sports in the lives of children and provide specific steps you can take to enrich your relationship with your son or daughter.

Creating Winning Relationships Through Sports is for all parents regardless of the sport their child plays. As a parent, your behaviors and actions go a long way toward creating a positive or negative experience for your child. This book provides clarity and insight about how to use sports to strengthen your relationship and teach your child the values and skills that will carry him through life.

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"I highly recommend this book to any parent who has kids involved in any sport. The things José can teach you about your relationship with your kids are extremely important to know and to follow. As the father of four children who are involved in all kinds of sports, two of whom made it through NCAA Division I schools, I know how important it is not to live vicariously through our children. Some parents are too involved and others are too passive. This book will help you strike a balance. I highly recommend it"

Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Senior Pastor, Antioch Bible Church, and former linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks

Creating Winning Relationships Through Sports: Using athletics to strengthen families

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by Jose Rijo-Berger

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