Want to Train at Rijo Athletics Arizona?

There will be limited participants in our Arizona Academy, to be considered, please apply below. You will receive an emailed questionnaire from our staff.

Three Different Academies

Youth - 30 kids from 9u - 12u

High School - 30 kids from 13u+

Softball - 30 kids from 12u+

Daily Training Events:

Hitting Instruction (HitTrax, Rapsodo, ProBatter)

Pitching/Velocity Training (Jaeger Bands, Long Toss, etc.)

Fielding/Defensive Instruction

Weight and Strength Training

Speed and Agility/Plyo's

Base running

College Promotion/Placement

Life skills mentorship

Monthly Testing

Grade Checks

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Apply and Receive an Emailed Questionnaire from the Rijo Staff
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