Target age group: 10-18

Rijo Athletics offers a Fall Instructional Softball Program which focuses on instruction and player development. There is a program for all age groups. Rijo Athletics will have several top level paid coaches “roaming” the field as inter-squad games are in progress. Instruction occurs during the game which is the best possible way for players to learn.

An even blend of situational games and instructional inter-squad games will occur to allow players to learn, as well as test their skills in real games. These are the very same methods that top level colleges and professional teams use to prepare their players for the season.

Rijo Athletics will have several teams that will play games in our own instructional league. The teams will inter-squad, play games and generally focus upon instruction just like a collegiate program. Rijo Athletics Softball training is unparalleled by anything previously seen in the Northwest. Instructional softball, conditioning, speed and plyometrics drills, private instruction and player development are our specialty.

Sign up fast and don’t miss out on the best program in the Northwest!

Is it okay to play in our Instructional Fall League if you play for another select team? YES, it is about you developing as a player and not about winning or losing. You do not have to worry about us asking you to play for our select teams. You can have trust and confidence and it is about you getting better throughout the Fall.

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Softball Fall Ball 2019


September 17th - October 11th
Tuesdays and Fridays
(4 weeks)
4:30PM- 6:00 PM
Registration Closed