2018/2019 Select Teams: 14u and 16u

The Rijo Select Softball teams will compete in a variety of tournaments both in the fall and in the summer. Our season will consist of a total of 8 to 10 tournaments with two or three being out-of-town. The cost for the team will be $2400 for the 14u Team and $2850 for the 16u Team which will include all uniforms and team equipment. We will keep a roster size of 12 or 13 players. We will keep the roster size small with our philosophy to get everybody a lot of playing time.

If you want to be on a team that travels all over the country every single weekend this is not the team for you. Our team is about development and making sure every single one of them plays at the college level if that's their desire. We will have winter workouts that include weight training, hitting, and pitching. Our staff at Rijo has been teaching, coaching, training and developing young women in the game of softball for 15 years. All of the Rijo Athletics coaches on staff have played college softball, college baseball, or professional baseball. We keep a positive environment as there will be absolutely no swearing, yelling, or hollering at the girls. We want to promote a family environment at a competitive level so girls can enjoy the experience and enjoy the game they have loved since they were young. We will compete with the top teams in the country without sacrificing character and values of what Rijo Athletics stands for.