Two Day Softball Pitching Camp

Target Age Group: 8-14

Types of Pitches:

Players will learn the proper mechanics for all types of pitches including fastball, change ups, drop balls, rise balls, curve balls, and screw balls. Players will also learn to mix their pitches to always keep hitters off balance.

Injury Prevention:

The safety of the players is most important. Keeping players healthy is our main priority which is why our players are taught the proper mechanics to prevent arm, shoulder, elbow, or any other type of injury from pitching.

Individual instruction is the most optimal way to perform at the highest level. Coach Vanessa has a variety of drills and exercises to get the most out of your player. Not all players pitch the same - some athletes are taller, some are shorter, some are stronger. Finding out what works best for each player through instruction will maximize game performance. The mental side of the game is one of the key components to be successful.