Covered during the Outfield Session:
For the outfield:
  • Position Responsibilities
  • Priorities in the outfield on fly balls
  • Communication with infielders and other outfielders
  • Responsibilities on run-down plays
  • Responsibilities on pick-off plays
  • Responsibilities on bunts
  • Backing up bases (on every play)
Outfield Play:
  • Field conditions (length of grass, wet grounds, etc.)
  • Position of the fences (shorter the fences, shorter you can play)
  • The sun, field and the wind factor
  • Type of pitcher (overpowering the hitters? Or are they pulling everything?)
  • Ability of adjacent outfielders and own ability to cover ground
  • Speed of infielders
  • Game situation
  • Movement by the count
  • Speed of infielders
  • Game situation
  • Movement by the count

Before the pitch is thrown, the outfielder must ask himself:

  • What do I do if the ball is hit to me? To another outfielder? To an infielder?
  • Where do I throw the ball when I get it?
  • Who is the cutoff man?
  • What are my back-up responsibilities?
  • What is the batter’s speed, power, etc.?
  • Is it a situation to gamble on a catch?
  • Am I playing properly (position wise)?

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