Our College Promotion system helps high school and junior college students find what schools are the best fit for them scholastically and athletically, and obtain college scholarships. Over the past five years, Rijo Athletics has had a success rate of over 90 percent in helping baseball and softball players receive college scholarships.

We invite you to call to schedule a free meeting, where you’ll learn how we can give your student the best opportunity to play at the college level while saving your family thousands of dollars in tuition expenses.

Our College Promotion program is intensive, and is tailored to each player. To be considered, a player starts with a no-cost evaluation so that we can determine his or her academic and physical qualifications. Then we meet with the player and parents to determine what your goals are for playing at the college level. We review GPA, SAT and ACT, and make recommendations on which schools would be the best matches academically.

Next, we create a unique academic and player profile that we send to colleges and universities across the country – we have contact information for every head baseball and softball coach in the U.S. This is followed by personalized e-mails and phone calls on your behalf. After this period, you will receive many letters, e-mails and phone calls from colleges.

After roughly one month, we sit down with you again and help you review the feedback you’ve received. You’ll get ongoing personal support from us until you find the school that is the right match for you. You’ll also have the “Baseball Bluebook” available for your use, which has complete contact information for every head coach in the country.

The Rijo College Promotion system works! While there are no guarantees or promises with this – or any similar program – we do promise to give each student every opportunity to play at the college level. José Rijo-Berger is personally involved with each and every player promotion. Our College Promotion is extremely affordable at $795.00. This is a smart investment that can potentially save your family tens of thousands of dollars.

And our program isn’t just designed for the top players in the area. We work with any player who has a good work ethic and loves the game of baseball or softball. If you have the desire – and are willing to put in the work – we will help you find the opportunities to achieve your goals and dreams!