At Rijo Athletics, we offer both individual and group/team instruction for players of all ages and ability levels. We teach players not only the proper form, but also how to be comfortable – because in order to become a complete player, you must be comfortable in your approach to hitting, pitching, catching and fielding. (If you, as a player or parent, are ever told that you have to do it one certain way to succeed, run the other direction!)

Yes, certain things must be done in order to be successful, but there is no single right way. For example, all hitters must “load” their swing. Some have their hands high (Edgar Martinez) and others rest their hands on their shoulders before loading (John Olerud). They use proper mechanics, but they still do what is comfortable for them. In pitching, some throw over the top (Roger Clemens), and some throw three-quarters (Randy Johnson), but all will keep their elbow above their shoulder.

We at Rijo Athletics are solely interested in helping individual players succeed to the best of their ability.  We always have the best interests of a player in mind, rather than a “win at all costs” mentality.

We also encourage you to take advantage of our no-cost Player Evaluation, and we’ll see what works best for you.

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