1. There is a safe curve ball or breaking ball that will not injure your arm. (Pitching)
  2. You have to yell at an athlete to get the most out of their ability.
  3. It is not necessary for high school, college and professional athletes to lift weights to be successful.
  4. Baseball and softball swings are completely different and cannot be taught the same way. Some would argue that the swings are different because the pitcher is closer in softball and the ball is coming from a different angle than baseball. This leads many people to believe that softball swings need to be shorter and more compact; almost more of a contact swing.
  5. Softball and baseball training are different in the weight room. When it comes to the whole hip difference, guys and girls are different. It's sad people teach this - they are athletes and they have to train as one. You have to challenge the athlete. They are very similar.

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