During team training, we will assist in hitting, fielding, catching, speed & agility and/or strength training. Training can take place off-site at your location or at Rijo Athletics indoor facility or outdoor FieldTurf field . We can help develop bunt coverages, first and third situations, lead-offs, baserunning, secondaries, communication drills, etc. Our advanced techniques will help assist any coach or organization to achieve their top results.

You will definitely see a difference once you have completed the Rijo Athletics training and coaching regimen. These are the same drills and techniques that helped propel the 2008 Mill Creek Little League All-Star team that trained with us, to finish 4th in the United States and the top 8 in the world.

Pleaes call us at (425) 486-4878 to schedule or for more information on how our Rijo Athletics instructors can help with your team training.  Scheduling early is highly recommended to ensure field and cage space availability.