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Be mobile 100% of the time with our new videos on demand with vimeo available on any mobile devise or computer and save money. Download these #1 drill videos and have them on your device wherever you go (iPhone, Android, laptop, tablet etc). These drills are great for both coaches and players a like to have on the field, in the game, or at practice.

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Rijo Athletics scoured the market looking for an instructional DVD with HD video and could not find one as comprehensive or informative as the one you’re holding right now. We have designed the most action-packed baseball drills DVD available today! The techniques used on this DVD have produced unparalleled results and now you too can learn the same drills that have helped us produce over 1000 successful college baseball players and over 50 of our players drafted professionally.

Watch high quality video featuring cutting edge drills developed by former professional players at Rijo Athletics. These drills are designed to show you how to quickly and effectively identify and correct everything from minor tweaks to major adjustments. The video combined with live instruction commentary gives you a deeper understanding of what works while also explaining why certain drills are more effective than others at achieving fast results.

Whether you are a professional athlete in Double A with aspirations of making it to the Big Leagues, or a 10 year-old baseball player trying to make the All-Star team, these drills will help improve your game and help you become the “Ultimate Game Changer”!

NOTE: Did you know 70% of kids quit playing baseball or softball after their 12-year-old season?

  • 35% quit because of their coach
  • 25% quit because of their parent(s) putting too much pressure on them
  • 10% quit because of their ability

By taking the time to watch this video, not only will you get a better understanding of drills for your team, son or daughter, but during our coaches corner segment of this DVD, you will find the insight on what to do and what NOT to do so you do not become one of those statistics. Your kids and players will remember you for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Many coaches have great intentions but very few understand how great our impact really is.

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