Target Age Group: 10-18

Here is just some of what is offered during our Catching Clinics:

The Three Stances: Catchers must be fully in command with each of the three stances (Signal-Giving, Receiving, and Blocking/Throwing).

Signal-Giving: The number one duty is to communicate with the pitcher - and to do so with authority.

Receiving stance: Used with no one on base and less than two strikes, requires you to make it easy for the pitcher while being extremely consistent in your position and allowing the umpire to get the best look at the pitch.

Blocking/Throwing stance: You must quickly stop and transfer the ball, which requires precision positioning and movement. Effective blocking requires you to be agile and quick while in a low position. We work on exploding out or down to the ball while creating a good angle to the ball.

Footwork: Footwork is crucial for catchers. The angles you create with your feet will dictate where your throws go.

Throwing: We work outdoors as much as possible for throwing on our state-of-the-art Fieldturf field. This allows players to work on form-throwing, long toss and throws from the actual distance at which they play.

Drills:You will work on several drills designed to reinforce the stances and skills, including tennis ball soft toss, framing, three-ball drill, reaction drills, shadow-off voice and jugs machine/live reps.

Stretching and Flexibility:Proper stretching and flexibility are especially crucial for catchers. You will learn catcher-specific stretching exercises and routines that will increase your comfort and agility while reducing your chances of injury.

Mental Toughness: Catcher is physically the toughest position to play and requires mental toughness as well. Our experienced instructors will help you develop the necessary mind-set to be a successful catcher.

Individual catching instruction is also available year-round. Call us at (425) 486-4878 for more information.