Q: When will schedules be distributed?

A: Schedules will be available the Tuesday or Wednesday before the season starts. They will be available at uniform pick-up night.

Q: What do we need for our uniforms?

A: We will provide the shirts and hats. You are required to have white baseball pants (pin-stripe down the side is okay), black belt and black socks. Any color shoes are okay. A snapback hat will be provided and a flex-fit hat may be purchased at a discount should you choose not to take the snapback at the time of uniform pick-up.

Q: When will we get our uniforms?

A: Uniform pick-up dates will be announced via e-mail. (Usually the week before the season starts).

Q: What color undershirt/sleeves are acceptable for Fall Ball?

A: Black.

Q: Do I wear my full uniform to all days?

A: YES – no exceptions! Full gear, shoes on (tied), belt on (buckled), hats on straight and everything ready to go to begin by the scheduled time for both Skill and Drill Day and Game Days.

Q: How do we know if there is a rain-out the day is cancelled, delayed or postponed?

A: There will most likely be no rain-outs because of our FieldTurf® Field – only a change in location. If it is raining and there is a question of whether or not the field is closed, our Website and Twitter (RijoFallBall) will be updated the morning of to let you know location has changed to the Rijo Athletics FieldTurf® Field which can be played on regardless of the rain.

Q: What is the fastest way for me to be notified of any schedule changes?

A: The best way for you to be notified would be through our Twitter page (RijoAthletics). You can sign up through www.Twitter.com and join our page (RijoAthletics). Schedule changes and rain-outs will first be delivered through Twitter. We highly recommend you set your Twitter account up to notify you directly via text to your cell from Rijo Athletics.

Q: I do not want to Twitter, how else can I get the information for last minute changes?

A: Our Website will be updated before each game/skill & drill day if there are any questions of a rain-out. Times can also change throughout the day depending on what the weather is doing. We will do our absolute best to try and give you ample warning, but please be prepared for any last minute changes.

Q: Is it okay to miss a skill & drill day due to a football/soccer game?

A: It is okay if your player misses a weekend or two – the level and amount of training they will receive on the remaining weekends will still be worth your time and money invested into the Fall Ball program.

Q:Is it okay to play Rijo Fall Ball and a select team?

A: Yes – most other fall ball teams struggle to get enough players to show up. With Rijo Athletics Fall Ball, we can intermix players between teams if there is conflict in a player’s schedule with their select team. Since the league is all Rijo teams, we are not waiting for other teams or other organizations to show up.

Q: Will I be penalized if I miss a day?

A: No – just do your best to attend every date scheduled. Make sure you communicate with us via e-mail (info@rijoathletics.com) if you cannot make a day

Q: Is there any way we can make up a missed day or rain-out?

A: We will try our best to accommodate your player to play/practice on another team at a different time if available on the same day, but there will be no individual make-up days outside of this.

Q: How long is each day?

A: Each day will typically be 2 – 2 ½ hours.

Q: Which fields will we be playing on?

A: Fields will be at Redmond High School, Tambark Park and/or Rijo Athletics (rain out days).

Q: Do you keep stats for Fall Ball?

A: No – our Fall Instructional League is about development for each athlete. It is not about winning or losing but about getting better.

If your question is still not answered above, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rijoathletics.com or call us at (425) 486-4878.

~ Thank You from Rijo Athletics Staff ~