Our son Tom is 13. He literally received more instruction during his first weekend of Rijo Fall Ball than he got during his previous four years of playing baseball. The atmosphere is intense and focused, not a minute is wasted and the players are pushed to achieve. And the Rijo instructors aren’t just telling the boys what to do – they are out there right beside them, demonstrating the drills themselves, and giving each player a lot of individual attention and instruction. ~ Jan Edmondson, Mukilteo, WA

Rijo provides an excellent environment for athletic and individual personal development. The facility is plenty large, well equipped, and always spotlessly clean. It’s a comfortable place for athletes and their parents...almost serene. The Rijo staff members and instructors are expert and always friendly. Each coach communicates well and uses a variety of teaching techniques to motivate and help the athletes achieve their goals to the best of their ability. My son’s time and work efforts at Rijo have been valuable to his development as both a baseball player and young man. The Rijo staff members have been excellent role models. ~ Dr. Chip R. Kenmore, WA

I cannot say enough about the experience Chandler had with Rijo Athletics. He was in need of a more challenging training and instructional opportunity and he found it at Rijo. Jose' and his staff were excellent and conducted themselves and the program with integrity and a great respect for all athletes . The skill, physical and spiritual growth that resulted from the additional training provided a renewed confidence boost that was evident in a great high school and summer season and landed Chandler in the Pac-10! Thank you Jose' and your great staff! ~ Eric T., Seattle, WA

Jose' and the rest of the team at Rijo Athletics have been integral to the development of our players. Our kids respect them as coaches, listen, learn and then bring it to the field. Their positive attitudes, strong work ethic and professional approach...model what we want from our players. I would recommend Rijo Athletics 'and I have' to anyone looking for serious baseball training, team or individual! ~ John H., NW Titans Manager