'We have loved having Drew at your clinics.  And most importantly, Drew has loved being in your clinics.  As we were leaving Redmond High School the other day, he said “I LOVE the training I get here!”.  That is huge coming from a boy who sometimes has a hard time being coachable from his dad and uncle (who have coached him most of his years of baseball). 

I just wanted to share with you 2 ways in which we have seen such a great improvement in Drew’s attitude.  As parents, we often struggle with teaching concepts over and over with our kids and so feel blessed when other people come into their lives to reiterate what we have been telling them.  So these 2 things have nothing to do with baseball but are things that Drew has picked up from you and your team of coaches at RA.  His training has improved his ball playing but most importantly, it has improved his attitude!

The first thing was when he came home and cleaned up his room without being asked.  He told me the next day that you had told them to clean up their rooms.  Okay, so his coach can tell him the same thing his mom says all the time, but from you he views it differently!  When I went in the next day and saw a few things lying around in his room, he said,  'Don’t tell Coach Jose!”. I told him he was doing a great job and just needed to continue it throughout the week.  Thank you for your encouragement to him. 

The second thing happened at recess on Monday.  He was having a race with a buddy and his buddy won by a fraction of a second.  He said his first thought was to make some sort of excuse about it, but then he remembered, “No excuses!”.  So he verbally congratulated his friend and said he did a great job.  This brought a comment from another classmate who told Drew, “Wow, that is a great attitude to have.”  I was so proud of Drew for his response and for making an impact on this other boy’s life.

The training that you and your coaches are giving has improved Drew both on and off the baseball field.  For that we are so grateful!  Thank you for your ministry!' 

~ Cari C., Woodinville, WA