'I want to thank you for the many years of coaching and mentoring that Rijo Athletics Baseball has done for my sons.  This thank you is personally for Justin, who graduated from Linfield College May 2010 with a degree in Accounting.  Today, Justin is employed with Hunter, Hansen and Company; which is an accounting firm located in Beaverton, Oregon.  Though his college baseball career was short lived due to a shoulder injury during his 1st year of college, completing college and becoming a fine young adult overshadows all others

I believe Justin's time and effort spent at Rijo's Athletics helped him throughout his high school years and completing college in 4 years at Linfield. The discipline that was developed while spending time practicing and working out at Rijo Athletics Baseball should not be overlooked.   The confidence that Justin gained while at Rijo Athletics should not be forgotten.  How to deal with the trials and adversity that meets all young adults should also be mentioned in this thank you, for there were many crossroads that Justin has seen.

James, Troy, Marcus and Jose' should share in Justin's recent accomplishments.  Please forward my appreciation to the staff of Rijo Athletics for a job well job.

Many individuals send their children to Rijo Athletics Baseball to help achieve greatness with the sport of baseball, but I believe baseball is just part of the lesson that is taught at Rijo Athletics. 

Again, thank you very much.

Ralph S., Bothell, WA