Our fielding philosophy here at Rijo Athletics Softball is very similar to what we do with hitting. You should always feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing first. We don’t clone you to have to do certain things certain ways. There is more than one way to field a ground ball! What we do is try to put you into the best positions possible to be able to field the ball correctly.

To be the best fielder you can be, you need to have the quickest hands and feet possible, which will, in turn, enable you to be more athletic and more of a “stand out” on the field. You must also create some leadership qualities in being vocal and knowing and communicating what to do before it happens. These attributes in a player are always looked at and graded by professional scouts and college recruiters.

Covered during the Infield Session:
Skills Learned
  • Setup
  • Approach
  • Fielding positio
  • Backhands
  • Slow Rollers
  • Double Plays
  • Turning 2
  • Relays
  • Drills
Drills Run
  • Deflection drills (transfers): flat glove, regular glove
  • Setup and fielding position drill: with right, left setup
  • Approach drill: cone and hurdle – “get around it”
  • Quick feet: S & A - cross over.
Covered during the Outfield Session:
Skills Learned
  • Field conditions (length of grass, wet grounds, etc.)
  • Position of the fences (shorter the fences, shorter you can play)
  • The sun, field and the wind factor
  • Type of pitcher (overpowering the hitters? Or are they pulling everything?)
  • Ability of adjacent outfielders and own ability to cover ground
  • Speed of infielders
  • Game situation
  • Movement by the count
  • Speed of infielders
Drills Run
    • Position Responsibilities
    • Priorities in the outfield on fly balls
    • Communication with infielders and other outfielders
    • Responsibilities on run-down plays
    • Responsibilities on pick-off plays
    • Responsibilities on bunts
    • Backing up bases (on every play)

Before the pitch is thrown, the outfielder must ask himself:

  • What do I do if the ball is hit to me? To another outfielder? To an infielder?
  • Where do I throw the ball when I get it?
  • Who is the cutoff man?
  • What are my back-up responsibilities?
  • What is the batter’s speed, power, etc.?
  • Is it a situation to gamble on a catch?
  • Am I playing properly (position wise)?
Camps and Academies

If the camp dates listed do not meet your needs, individual instruction if offered year-round.  Please call for pricing and available dates.