The answers are simple:


We have a positive environment conducive to learning, including all aspects of the game - the physical skills, the knowledge of the game and the mental side.


We have the best trainers in the country who have played at a high level and have multiple years of teaching and coaching experience.


We work with a variety of ages and abilities and have detailed drills to fix specific problems. This comes from the years of experience and time throughout the years.


Our staff are passionate about making each athlete become better with every lesson. We sincerely care about the kids and families and listen to their needs to reach their goals.


We are fortunate to have a spacious facility which includes a full weight room, indoor/outdoor cages and a All-weather FieldTurf field. The advantages of the turf field is we can long toss, work on outfield drills, and infield/catchers can throw to actual bases at correct distances.


By introducing new drills, techniques, tools and exercises, we are constantly striving to learn ourselves!


We have placed over 1,000 kids into college (baseball and softball) and have had over 50 players drafted professionally.


We give kids feedback with complete honesty and sincerity but in an encouraging way to help keep them feeling motivated and inspired. We teach life lessons through our actions and the way we treat others because we want all of our players to succeed in life – not just in the game.


Rijo Athletics was established in 1999 and have conducted more lessons than any other facility on the west coast.

Cutting Edge Technology

Probatter Video Pitching Simulator, FungoMan, and modern video technology have all helped support our instructor and athlete to give you the most up-to-date techniques and equipment used today to help you succeed.

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