The biggest advantage Little Leagues have with training both individually and teams at Rijo Athletics is that every player, even at ages 9-12, will get the same instructor that works with our high school and college kids. Most other organizations will have kids from their select teams train their young athletes during lessons – not at Rijo Athletics. You will receive the same detailed attention that our advanced level kids do. Our drills and techniques worked great with Mill Creek Little League in 2008. It helped them get to the Little League World Series (8 out of the 12 kids trained with us throughout the winter). The team also trained with us during the state tournaments which lead to great success.

We have hundreds of different drills and exercises to maximize the potential for each athlete. Each player/athlete has different needs to help them to reach their full potential. With the advanced training methods that have worked for so many in the past, it allows for instant feedback to complete at the highest level possible.

We have been fortunate to be a part of 38 kids drafted professionally since 2004 by Major League Baseball teams. This has never been done in the state of Washington! We are dedicated to helping young men in both baseball and life skills. We will use the same training methods with our Little Leaguers as our professional athletes. Training kids differently by age is one of the biggest mistakes that coaches make. At Rijo Athletics, we will teach, coach and train the right way from the first time, regardless of what level.