At Rijo Athletics Softball, our hitting instruction is based on the belief that all hitters must be comfortable and hit to their own unique strengths – no cloning, swings differ slightly! For instance, a power hitter should have a slightly different plane to the ball than a player who can run and should stay over the top of the ball. Our hitting instruction is taught the same to all ages!

This means we teach the same thing to our 9-10 year olds as we teach our college level kids. Our goal is to get all players to understand what it takes to be a “hitter”, not just having a “pretty swing”. To do this, Rijo Athletics has an effective and unique system to develop the intangibles of being a quality “hitter”. It starts with the development of swing mechanics. A player must master her swing mechanics to be able to advance into learning how to hit inside/outside pitches and off-speed pitches.

However, swing mechanics alone don’t make a great hitter. After understanding how to control their swing mechanics, we then can teach them the important things to becoming a great hitter: bat speed, timing, pitch recognition, pitch selection, plan and approach. These are the true aspects of what a player must eventually understand and learn to achieve the results that they want on the field.

Here is some of what our hitting instruction covers:

Be relaxed and comfortable in the box : About 98% of the time, depending on the strength of the hitter, you need some movement. Developing a rhythm will keep you calm and consistent and help you be more explosive.

Be aggressive – quick hips and hands : This can happen only if your front side is down and your hips and hands are working together. We practice a variety of drills to help everyone, no matter what age, get strong and quick. Our drills include rapid fire, batting machine front toss and live at-bats.

Arrive on time and on plane : This means that you are getting to the ball square and at the right bat angle.

Linear vs. Rotational: The swing should be a little of both. This means that the hips should rotate quickly and explosively to the ball, while the hands are staying inside the ball, developing a linear path extending through the ball.

Finish aggressive. : Finish should be high and explosive with either both hands staying on the bat or the top hand releasing after the point of contact.

At Rijo, we teach players to develop an explosive, quick and aggressive swing. All hitters will naturally develop a confidence and toughness that will allow them to maximize whatever talent they have in them. Any player, at any age, at any level, can and will get better if he or she is willing to work hard and do it the Rijo way!

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Hitting Camps, Clinics and Instruction:

If the camp dates listed do not meet your needs, individual instruction if offered year-round. Please call for pricing and available dates.